A group of travellers with a number of caravans have set up camp in an area within Beddington Park.

Posts on social media highlight a vehicles parked on grass after arriving there yesterday on July 3.

One image, on a post in the Beddington Park Facebook group, shows images of at least three caravans and what look to be three other vehicles.

A Sutton Council spokesman said: “Following a group of travellers setting up in Beddington Park on Tuesday, we have been working to move them on as quickly as possible whilst ensuring we meet all our safeguarding, welfare and legal obligations.”

The vehicles appear to be spread out across the area, and apparently the group gained access through an entrance in Croydon Road.

Another post, which involves two short clips, shows the several vehicles on the grass from a distance.

It is said the group moved to Beddington Park from Ashburton Park where they had previously camped a few weeks ago.

Sutton Guardian has approached the Metropolitan Police for further comment.