Moped related crimes have been on the rise in the last 18 months. Most recently, a group of moped riders tried to rob a mother in broad daylight. Before that Michael Mcintyre was robbed by a rider while parked outside his children's school.

However, a group called Biker Biker are trying to reduce the negative stigma around bikers by showing people that most are considerate road users just trying to get from A to B. The group operate all over the UK and regularly go on patrol, in an attempt to stop the trouble bikers.

One of the riders, Shane McDonald, 42, said: “We regularly ride around and provide a presence in areas where moped-related crimes are high. We are not vigilantes and work with the police. We regularly report the crimes and stolen bikes to them.

“As moped-related crimes have gone up we have increased out patrols. We want people to know that the majority of bikers are not criminals, we are just normal bikers. Not only are we working with the police but also teaching people about security and prevention measures. The riders committing these crimes are easy to spot, they have a uniform - they wear all black and a certain helmet. Most riders are courteous to other road users and are just normal people.”

Biker Biker regularly post videos of incidents from all of the UK on their Facebook page. They use helmet cam footage to gather this and this is something Mr McDonald advised bikers to get.

Founder of biker security company, Anchor-Man, Andrew Mackay provided tips on how to keep bikes secure and safe: “Do not skimp on your security, make sure you do your research. Invest in a good chain, cover and anchor.

“I would also advise riders to invest in a tracker, this will allow you to know if your bike has been moved and where it has been moved too. They often work better than alarms as they are more discreet. Make it as hard as possible for someone to steal your bike - if you have multiple chains, use them, the more chains you have the harder it is for someone to steal.

“It might sound weird but if you use your bike to commute, change your route. If someone sees you using the same route, they will follow you and this could make you a target - changing your route will mean they can’t get to know your routine. I love bikes, biking is a way of life if anyone wants advice about security they can get in touch.”

Anyone seeking advice about their bike security can contact find Mr Mackay’s details on