Sutton and Cheam MP Paul Scully has responded this week to demands for him to support a probe into Islamophobia allegations within the Conservative Party.

Liberal Democrat councillor Mo Saqib wants him to back the inquiry amid a series of incidents highlighted by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

While Mr Scully, who is the Tory party’s vice-chairman for the London region, admits there have been “inappropriate or distasteful” comments by some members, he insists the behaviour is not tolerated.

Cllr Saqib, in an open letter, said: “You will agree that tackling any form of hate and discrimination is a matter above party politics and which we must all dedicate ourselves to – whether it’s sexism, racism, homophobia, disablism, or otherwise.

“In recent weeks, strong concern has been aired – justifiably – by the MCB about Islamophobic rhetoric from Conservative Party activists.”

The letter by the MCB, sent to Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis MP, highlighted nine incidents in total – spanning from April 5 to May 23 this year.

For instance, former Lewisham Council elections candidate Karen Sunderland was suspended and forced to apologise after comparing Islam to Nazism.

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The since-removed tweet, posted last December, criticised religion and called it “totalitarian”.

Meanwhile, former Enfield Council elections candidate David Boston was also suspended over a social media post which showed bacon hanging from a door handle with the accompanying message: “Protect your house from terrorism. Stay safe lads”.

The matter was addressed by the Enfield Conservatives branch who called his posts “unacceptable” before they were removed, citing they “do not reflect” their values.

Cllr Saqib added: “Because of the extremely concerning incidents set out above, I would be grateful if you could support the MCB’s calls for an inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

“This is not a matter in which anyone is trying to score political points. As I have said, tackling all forms of hate and discrimination is a matter above party politics.”

Mr Scully told Sutton on July 3 he doesn't believe "for one moment" the party is Islamophobic and, in response to reports, is pleased Mr Lewis has announced measures to “stamp this out”.

This includes cooperation with national project TellMAMA, which records anti-Muslim incidents across the UK.

He said: “They [TellMAMA] recognise the Conservative Party has acted swiftly in disciplining members who have expressed unacceptable attitudes towards Muslims, but we should always be looking to do more to stamp out anti-Muslim abuse or discrimination of any kind.

“You know that I spend a lot of time with British Muslims from different backgrounds and ethnic groups, and I will not tolerate any behaviour in our local party that does not show respect to people from any particular faith,” he said.

“Racism or religious intolerance has no place within our party.

“In parts of the media and especially social media, debate is increasingly divisive. It’s vital that we all work together to fight against this, which also dissuades so many from playing an active role in public life.

“I am determined that our party will take the lead in doing so, to build a country that gives a voice to all communities in Britain.”

He pointed to the party working with TellMAMA to give local associations “tailored” advice, guidance and support in dealing with abuse and bigotry.

In addition, he cited making “diversity training” available to all members and associations, as well as reminding those involved of the party’s standards of behaviour.