In an effort to stamp out gang violence and knife crime, the NFL made its way to Crystal Palace.

The London Warriors Urban American Football Program, based in Selhurst, brought over a few past and present American football players for a half term camp earlier this month.

A spokesman for the camp said: "it was designed to help young people to between the ages of eight and 17, boys and girls, learn to play Britain’s fastest growing sport better, focusing on the fundamentals of the sport, better skills and also life values, especially in an area in which too many of our young people struggle with wrong influences and gangs and crime, especially knife crime.

"That is certainly the historical ethos of the London warriors programme which was meant not to just teach the sport of American football but also to provide young people a safe and enjoyable way to develop person skills athletic skills and life skills that which will help them for the rest of their life."

The camp ran for three days and saw quarterback David Ash, wide receiver Jaxon Shipley and former running back with Canada’s City Chiefs, Jackie Battle all in attendance.