People are being invited to Beddington Farmlands to take a closer look at what happens to their household waste after it has been put in the bin.

The landfill team at Beddington Farmland will be on site on Thursday (June 14) to give visitors a safety briefing and guide them across the wet grassland habitats.

The 120-hectare farmland receives waste from homes in Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

Pete Walker, lead aftercare steward for Viridor said: “Being able to show members of the local community what we do is vitally important.

"The Beddington Farmlands has a rich history and is now home to a wide range of birds and wildlife and being able to develop a greater understanding of the site is great news.

“The team onsite have continued to create habitats across the Beddington Farmlands during the winter months.

“We are focused on managing the habitats to maturity and then being able to open up sections of the site to the public."

In the future the £205m Beddington Energy Recovery Facility will transform non-recycled waste from the four boroughs into 26 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 30,000 homes and the facility.

Entrance is free but spaces are limited. There will be a session at 10am and another at 12.45pm, with bookings made on a first come first served basis.

Anyone interested in attending the open day, should contact