A mum is again demanding a security door be installed at her block of flats amid a host of alleged ongoing issues with drug users and rough sleepers.

Maria Moon, of Sutton Court in Brighton Road, claims verbal abuse at residents and people using crack cocaine or heroin are both a "daily occurrence".

The 41-year-old also called for similar action nearly five years ago, reported by Sutton Guardian in September 2013, but she believes more must be done.

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In a letter on May 31, seen by Sutton Guardian, she said: “The way of living [in Sutton Court] is not acceptable.

“This is not a desirable place to live and make a home for our families.

“We shouldn’t have to live in fear at the thought of whom might be in our homes when we get back from work, when we are awake in the mornings, [and] the incidents late at night.

“Four out of the six families in this block alone have children living there from a year old to 14 years old.

“This is an unsafe area for them.”

Ms Moon also claimed that her daughter once called her in fear after a "violent drug user" was in the block and was watching her as she entered their flat.

She went into a shop for her safety, after previous conversations about it, but said her daughter was "extremely scared and didn’t want to go back home".

The teaching assistant also claims the amount of faeces, urine, and drug paraphernalia being left forces site maintenance staff to clear it all "on a daily basis".

It was also said there were rough sleepers in areas such as the stairwell, communal doors, and upper floors for "three consecutive nights" at one point.

Ms Moon has written to Sutton Housing Partnership, which manages the block, to air her complaints.

She added: “All we are asking from SHP is a security door, front and back. Even a four-pin door entry system would be somewhat helpful.

“What we also don’t understand is why Brendan House and Argyle House have these door entry systems in place, both on Sutton Court, yet the rest of the estate have been ignored.

“We’ve all been verbally abused and faced confrontation and we shouldn’t have to continue to live and come to work to deal with this, while SHP do nothing for us.”

It is also said that previous requests for installing a new security door have been "ignored".

However, now SHP told this newspaper on June 1 about potential strategies to help remedy the problems.

Roy Morgan, the organisation’s interim housing manager, said: “We want all of our residents to be able to live peacefully and safely in their homes.

“We are working with residents and the police to tackle anti-social behaviour that is affecting Sutton Court, and will be meeting with residents to discuss the issue and confirm an approach to see this resolved long-term.

“We will also be consulting with tenants and leaseholders about the proposed installation of a secure door entry system, and will be urging them to support the investment.”