Be careful when packing for your holiday this summer as some items in your suitcase could land you in prison.

We all want to be comfortable and relaxed when on holiday and so of course any medication that helps us at home will be needed while we're away.

But a new checklist from the Foreign Office details the medications that could land you in hot water in a different country.

Here are a few to give you an idea of how strict the rules can be.

Strong painkillers such as tramadol and codeine could see you facing a fine or jail in places such as the United Arab Emirates.

The ingredients in things like Sudafed and Vicks are banned in Japan.

If you are heading to Singapore then you will need to carry a prescription with you in order to bring anti-anxiety tablets and strong painkillers.

In Indonesia, codeine, sleeping pills and treatments for ADHD are straight-up illegal, so don’t even attempt to bring them.

In Qatar you must have a prescription to bring cold and cough remedies as these are controlled substances.

In China you must have a doctor's note with any and all personal medication when travelling.

The US won’t accept any type of strong painkiller like tramadol, codeine or medication with opiates.

And in Costa Rica, you should only take the amount of medication you will need and it must be accompanied by a doctor's note confirming the amount.

You should check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before taking any medication with you, and check local laws on substances.