An international football tournament has kicked off this week as games were played on its first day at Carshalton Athletic and Sutton United.

The non-league clubs hosted three fixtures of the CONIFA World Football Cup on May 31 as it is being hosted in England for the first time.

Gander Green Lane saw 12 goals scored, between two matches, while the third at Colston Avenue played out a 0-0 draw.

Ellan Vannin, who represent the Isle of Man, won their first game 4-1 in Group A against Cascadia who are from a region in the United States and Canada.

Matabaleland, who travelled 70 hours from Zimbabwe and have former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobelaar on their coaching staff, were swept aside 6-1 by Padania in Group C.

In Carshalton, the United Koreans of Japan and Western Armenia shared a point between each other at Colston Avenue in Group D.

Images show the action on the day from some of the teams which were involved, while this is the third edition of the CONIFA World Football Cup since it started in 2014.

Matabeleland represent an area of western Zimbabwe while Padania come from northern Italy.

The United Koreans of Japan – or FC Korea – play in a Japanese league and Western Armenia represent an area which is currently believed to be occupied by Turkey.

Carshalton Athletic will host two more fixtures on June 2 for the group stages before the knockout rounds commence on June 5.

The semi-finals of the CONIFA Football World Cup will be held at Colston Avenue on June 7 in what will be the final two games in Sutton during the competition.