A much-loved cat who was thought to be dead has been reunited with his family in Carshalton after going missing for six years.

Sid, a black and white moggie, used to walk to school with Lindley Beddy and daughter Isabella before disappearing in 2012 amid fears he was knocked over and killed.

But it was after the six-year-old underwent emergency vet treatment – and found worse for wear – that Wallington Animal Rescue helped him come home on May 29.

Mrs Beddy, of Winchcombe Road, said: “It was a bit of a shock to be fair when we found out. My husband actually phoned me when he was at work and said, ‘Are you sitting down?’

“We were absolutely devastated because we thought he’d been knocked over. It was just so nice to have him back and we’re just so glad that we had him microchipped, otherwise we would have never seen him again.

“He’s giving our dogs a bit of a run for their money at the moment and hissing at them but my daughter [Isabella] is just so happy.”

Your Local Guardian:

Sid with Daniel Cope. Photo: Wallington Animal Rescue

The childminder, 36, says her husband Daniel Cope apparently saw a cat which looked similar to Sid hit by a rubbish truck.

It was after this they thought the then-eight-month-old was gone and therefore decided to bring in a new kitten, Jasmine.

Sid was taken to Wallington Animal Rescue on May 13, having been fed for roughly six months, with concerns over his health.

Alongside being ‘covered in fleas’, he also had a wound on his left ear, his hair was matted and his head was tilting to the right.

After going through emergency vet treatment, he had four teeth removed and tested positive for FIV – feline immunodeficiency virus.

Mrs Beddy added: “I just want to put it across to everyone how important it is to microchip your animals. It’s been six years, that is a long time to think that your cat is missing.

“If you do put in that extra bit of money – or even if you’re not working – you can still get your animal microchipped.

“They then have the possibility of coming home.”

Your Local Guardian:

Isabella with Sid. Photo: Wallington Animal Rescue

Both she and Wallington Animal Rescue, which is a non-profit voluntarily run organisation owned by Amanda and Neil Blackwell, are urging people to microchip their pets.

The animal rescue team also runs campaigns to raise awareness about spaying and neutering within the community.

They said: “We strongly advise if you are feeding a cat which you believe to be stray to take the cat to a vet and contact us or any local rescue so the cat can be scanned for a microchip. This is free a free service.

“Further information can be obtained on our website, If you haven’t already done so please get your pets microchipped.”

It is believed that if Sid was not microchipped then he may have never been found.