A South Norwood pub left to slowly decay over time may soon be demolished.

The Queens Arms in Portland Road has been the topic of much debate over the years, following its closure nearly two decades ago.

Most recently, owner of the cafe next door to the pub, Ayhan Kurt, told how she feels like a "prisoner in her own shop" because people keep using the empty lot to break into her shop.

She wants the pub knocked down and made into something that would benefit the community.

"It is a big matter, for the whole community," she said.

"Croydon is in need of social housing yet nobody is doing anything."

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In 2013 a planning application was submitted for the erection of a four storey, 58 room hotel.

The application was refused planning permission and at the subsequent appeal the Inspector noted that, whilst the principle of development was acceptable, “as a result of its height and resultant bulk the building would be excessively over-dominant at the junction of Doyle Road and would detract from the character and appearance of the area."

But now another planning application has been submitted.

This time the proposal is to demolish the "derelict and fire damaged" pub and turn the site into housing for roughly 60 students.

The developers believe that because the size of the proposed building (compared to that of 2013) has been reduced by 5 per cent, that it should fit in well with the area.

"The proposals would bring the site back into active use through the creation of a new high quality student accommodation that would contribute towards the provision of specialist housing, create additional expenditure which would benefit local shops and services and result in a high quality new building that would enhance the local townscape," a document attached to the application submitted on May 15 read.

"The proposals have been sensitively designed in response to a detailed analysis of the site and local context taking into account the character of the area.  

"Furthermore, the proposals have been the subject of detailed discussion with the local planning authority and other key stakeholders who have helped to inform the application proposals."