A Canada goose has lost his eye while a female fox has died after both were allegedly shot with a pellet gun in Carshalton Ponds.

Elizabeth Kane, founder of Forget Me Not Wildlife Rescue, noticed ‘flies buzzing’ around the goose’s head, according to a Facebook post published on May 13.

The animal was transferred to the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton, and survived, but the fox was ‘dying an awful death’.

A Sutton Council spokesman said: “I can confirm both incidents took place on May 10.

“A member of the public reported that there was an abandoned nest in Carshalton Ponds, so she went to investigate this.

“She then noticed a Canadian goose which has been shot in the eye with an air pellet gun. Nothing could be done to save the animal’s eye but the goose was saved.”

The report of an injured fox was in Culvers Way, where she had also apparently been shot with an air pellet gun, he continued.

However, because of the distress caused the animal had to be put down.

He added: “As ever in these situations, officers are liaising closely with police.”

Ms Kane, founder of Forget Me Not Wildlife Rescue, is urging for people who notice animals have been injured to get in touch.

In the post she said: “I honestly don’t understand what people get out of this but it’s one extremely sick world we live in.”