For nearly two decades, South Norwood pub the Queens Arms has been closed.

Since then, numerous attempts to re-develop the pub into homes have been rejected by Croydon Council.

Normally a refusal to demolish a piece of Croydon history would be cause for celebration, but not for the owner of the Portland Cafe, Ayhan Kurt.

Ms Kurt, whose business is right next door to the defunct pub, says she has been made a "prisoner in her own shop" because people keep using the empty lot to break into her shop.

"I have had so many people jump in from that side to my shop that I have had to board myself in," she said.

"It is rat infested and it is dangerous.

"Sometimes I cannot open my windows because I am worried rats from next door might come in.

"I have had enough."

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The most recent planning application submitted to demolish the pub came in 2012, when it was proposed to build a 58 room hotel in its place.

That proposal was unanimously rejected by councillors concerns were raised about the design of the site and the lack of disabled parking.

In the refusal notice it said the "development would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene by reason of its siting and massing."

The decision was then appealed by the developers, but a year later dismissed once again.

Ms Kurt says it is not fair that she and other businesses have to suffer because plans can't be agreed upon.

"My main concern is what if a drunk person or someone on drugs takes refuge there and there was a fire, " she said.

"What happens if they were seriously injured or killed by accident, who is going to take responsibility then?"

She says the solution should be a simple one. Build more homes.

"It is a big matter, for the whole community," she said.

"Croydon is in need of social housing yet nobody is doing anything."