Users of iPhones have been warned of an iMessage bug that will cause your phone to become completely unusable.

Dubbed the “Black Dot of Death”, when received the message will overload your smartphone with thousands of hidden unicode text.

You won’t be able to re-open the messages app to delete it and there is no easy way to delete the message once you receive it.

If you receive a message and all it contains is a black dot, when you click on that dot it will make the screen go completely blank until Apple issues a fix for you.

If you have been hit by the Black Dot of Death, there are a few ways you can delete it.

One is to force close the messenger app, use 3D Touch from the home screen to select a new message, then cancel out of it. From there should be able to go to the list of conversations on iMessage and safely delete the conversation with the Black Dot.

If your phone does not have 3D Touch, you can use Siri to reply to the message until the original “Black Dot” message is pushed out of the visible part of the conversation on screen. Then you will safely be able to delete the conversation.