When Brian Wolsoncroft woke this morning it was a day like any other; the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the communal bins where he lives still hadn't been emptied.

For six weeks, Mr Wolsoncroft says, the bins at his home in Thorne Court, South Croydon, have been piling up with rubbish, growing bigger and bigger by the day.

"It is getting silly now," he said.

"When I go to the council website to log that is hasn't been cleared it always appears as completed, when obviously it hasn't."

He said the situation got so bad that people were forced to store weeks' worth of rubbish around their homes.

"It's lucky that it is outside the block, but the smell is not great," he said.

"I've got about three-and-a-half weeks rubbish in my kitchen as I don't wish to aggravate the situation in the bin store.

"Most people are just chucking their stuff in the cupboard and now it's blocking access to the general recycling bin."

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This isn't a common occurrence however.

He said up until this point there hadn't really been a problem with the waste being collected on time.

"It has been collected quite well up to recently," Mr Wolsoncroft said.

"A few weeks ago it was unemptied for three weeks, but this is the worse it's been.

"Since the new contract with Veolia it's gone to pot here."

But after weeks of misery, it seems Veolia (the company in charge of waste collection in Croydon) has solved the problem after being contacted by the Croydon Guardian.

"The waste at Thorne Court has now been cleared," a Veolia spokeswoman from Croydon said.

"We will monitor this site going forward to ensure collections take place as they should."