Sutton will host some of the first matches of a international football tournament that is being held in London and Essex summer.

Both Carshalton Athletic and Sutton United’s grounds, the Knights Community Stadium and Colston Avenue, will be venues for the fixtures in the ConIFA World Football Cup which begins on May 31.

The competition involves teams who are officially unaffiliated with governing organisation FIFA and are therefore ineligible to compete in major football tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

Knights Community Stadium, in Gander Green Lane, will host two matches on the first day with two matches from four teams – Ellan Vannin who represent the Isle of Man, Cascadia from a region in the United States and Canada, Padania in northern Italy, and Matabeleland who represent a western area of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the United Koreans of Japan – or FC Korea, who play in a Japanese league – will kick-off against Western Armenia, people from a territory which is currently believed to be occupied by Turkey.

The ConIFA World Football Cup, which is held every two years, first started in 2014 and the inaugural edition of the tournament was first won by the County of Nice, an area in southeastern France after it was hosted in Lapland.

Knights Community Stadium will be the venue for two of the four quarter-final matches, while Colston Avenue will host the semi-final fixtures, and the final will be at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium in Enfield on June 9.