A ‘passionate’ Sutton runner so inspired by an American documentary has now organised a one-day national release of it in 200 UK cinemas this month.

Marco Gazzelloni, of Sparrow Farm Road, is having the film Skid Row Marathon shown at The Sutton Empire on May 9 at a discounted for cinemagoers in the borough.

The motion picture is about a US High Court judge who begins a running club in Los Angeles’ ‘notorious’ Skid Row area and helps people who are homeless, been convicted, or addicted to drugs.

He said: “Judge Mitchell [the film’s main character] is an incredible human being, both for what he’s doing with the Skid Row running club but also because he has run over 70 marathons and hardly broke sweat at the London Marathon, not bad at 62!

“I’m honoured and delighted to bring such an inspiring story to the UK and it’s even more special to be hosting a screening in the place I grew up.

“Although the film is centred around Skid Row in Los Angeles, the issues, particularly homelessness, are just as relevant here in the UK.”

Mr Gazzelloni, 39, ran in the London Marathon with Judge Craig Mitchell while the documentary is being supported by both The Big Issue and The Running Charity.

After organising the initiative by speaking with its filmmakers, he hopes to spread the ‘inspiring story’ and support UK charities with its release across the country.

He added: “We’ve already heard many stories about how people over here have been inspired by the Skid Row story and are setting up similar projects here.

“This is not just a story about running, it’s a story that shows there’s hope for everyone.

“I hope that many local people will come and support the film at The Empire in Sutton on May 9.”

To see the trailer, click here.