Funds are being raised to replace a teenager’s moped after it was stolen by two youths ‘wielding machetes’ in Sutton.

Mum Farrah Slater said that Jack’s ‘pride and joy’ was taken by the suspects following the incident in Marlborough Road last month.

No arrests have been made but the mum claims the chances of it being retrieved are now ‘practically zero’.

The mum-of-one said: “My son and his two friends were at his friend’s house and one of his friend’s mums wasn’t very well, they had been fixing parts on his moped.

“They didn’t want to wake his mum up upstairs so they pushed the moped down the road a little bit, just to the end of the road.

“As they were just starting up the bike, two youths on a larger cc moped, armed with machetes, came down the road and basically demanded the keys and everything off him.

“He said it wasn’t worth getting chopped up for that.”

Police were called to the incident at 12.30am on April 19 to reports of a moped-enabled robbery, a Met Police spokesman said.

Two suspects were said to have pulled up on a motorbike alongside him and the passenger ‘threatened him with a large machete’ in order to steal the moped, before riding off towards Angel Hill.

Jack apparently was the victim of an assault at 14 where he lost a tooth and his face had to be 'sewn up' by a maxillofacial surgeon, with the compensation money he received from the incident was spent on restoring the moped which was stolen.

He had third-party insurance because the excess was too much and because of his age.

Mrs Slater added: “It’s heartbreaking [this happens] when there are people actually doing all the right things."

“They just take things off other people and it’s really upsetting.”

Now the teen’s mum has set up a GoFundMe in order to replace the 17-year-old’s Gilera Runner with aims to reach a £2,000 target.

To see the GoFundMe page, click here.