Hundreds marched down the streets of Croydon on the weekend, all in the name of peace.

As part of an "impromptu rally" on April 29, members of the Spac Nation church made their way through the town centre in an effort to highlight the growing youth violence problem plaguing the country.

Rhianna Taylor was part of the rally and said it was an important message they were spreading.

"Hundreds of us decided to walk down to Croydon after our church service," she said.

"As a church, birthed out of Croydon, we have taken a strong stance against youth violence over the years and offer the youth an alternative life to gangs and gun and knife crime."

Leading the march was the church's senior pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

He took to Twitter to share his excitement about the turnout.

"An impromptu rally at Croydon today, hundreds of young people walked with me to Croydon before joining the peace rally," he wrote.

"It’s refreshing to see young people respond this way after just a short announcement.

"Next Stop Brixton."