A mural meant to show what is great about Croydon has been ruined by “hate-filled scratches” just weeks after it was put up.

Alec Saunders, AKA Colourblind created his Stormzy artwork in an effort to shine a positive light on town.

But less than a month after the Park Street piece went up, it had already been destroyed.

"It has been very frustrating that a bitter, drunken fascist has defaced my mural by throwing sauce and inflicting deep, hate filled scratches into the piece," Mr Saunders said.

"After being only a couple of weeks old and earning a lot of positivity surrounding the piece.

"It was heartbreaking to wake up and walk to work one morning and witness its destruction."

The Minster Junior School art teacher said work like his was meant to challenge people's views on society.

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But more importantly he hoped to inspire Croydon's youth to dream big.

"The piece was supposed to be positive, colourful and representative of Croydon’s talent and culture, and for it to be trashed by such a narrow-minded individual, leaves much to be desired," Mr Saunders said.

"When you put your own time, money and creativity into something that pleases the majority of people by turning a drab temporary wall into a colourful piece of art, it’s not a nice feeling to have it scratched up in such a hateful way, especially when I’m directly inspiring hundreds of young people every day at the school where I teach, sparking their creativity, giving them confidence, and having people they can relate to portrayed in their city."

This latest show of destruction had him thinking twice about continuing on with his work, but he said that thought quickly left his head.

"My art work is one of the few images that reflects where they come from, and for it to be defaced, makes you think twice about doing these projects," he said.

"Thankfully, I wouldn’t let a few hate-filled individuals ever stop me from creating art; if anything, it’s just fires me up, infinitely."