Residents in Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, are set to oppose the installation of a mobile phone mast in their road - for the third time in nine months.

Two previous applications for the eight-metre mast and antenna were withdrawn by mobile phone giant Orange after residents voiced their disapproval.

However, they have submitted proposals for a third time.

Richard Shore, a member of the Coulsdon West Residents' Association, said: "People opposed it in the past and the residents' association put in objections and I believe we will be putting in another one as it is very near a park used by children."

Martin Grey, from Orange, said: "Orange has historically provided mobile network coverage to the area via a radio base station at Cane Hill Hospital.

"As a result of the redevelopment of the site, we are seeking alternative solutions to maintain network coverage.

"We have sought at every stage to address their requirements of the planning authority, culminating in the sub- mission of the new application, which meets national planning policy by using a design specifically chosen to minimise visual intrusion."

Orange has also tabled an appeal against the council's decision to refuse permission for two flagpole antenna and one pole-mounted antenna on the roof of the TA Centre in Marlpit Lane.

A similar application was also denied last year, although there are already several of the flag pole antennas on the building.