Declan Bitmead has lost 96 percent of his skin, suffered multiple organ failure and gone through more surgeries than his mum could count.

Despite all of this, the nine-year-old Carshalton boy has never given up hope.

His mum, Ashleigh Bitmead, said it all started in 2015 when Declan was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.

"Declan’s body burned from the inside-out and he had just a 20 per cent chance of survival," she said.

"After seven weeks he was finally discharged from hospital, but had to get re-admitted three weeks later for emergency surgery.

"But then he ended up developing sepsis the night before and fought for another two weeks."

If all of this wasn't bad enough, a year after the initial diagnosis, Declan was registered as legally blind.

Mrs Bitmead said his left eye was beyond repair, but that doctors were still hopeful that some function in the right eye could be saved.

Most heartwarming of all is how Declan has fought the disease every step of the way.

"When the doctors came and told us that they wouldn't be able to save the left eye, all Declan said was 'it doesn't matter, I still have my right eye," Mrs Biteman said.

"In the last two years he has learned to read and write braille.

"Now we are moving house so he can go to a school that caters for blind children."

But of all the things Declan has lost since that fateful day in 2015 the ability to play the sport he loves may just be what has hit him the hardest.

"He is massively obsessed with football," Mrs Bitmead said.

"Declan was playing in a tournament the day before the diagnosis, but hasn't been able to play since.

"He can still kick a ball around the house and he goes to watch his little brother play, so he has tried to not let it affect him too much."

Now they want to say thank you to the charities that helped them through the most difficult time in their lives.

So on May 27, a charity football match will be held at the home of Sutton United, with proceeds going towards those that helped save Declan's life.

The gates will open at 2.30pm for a 4pm kick off between Declan's Superhero's and Celeb FC.

Adult tickets will be £5 while a child's will cost £1.

To donate, you can click here.