Ofo has been named as the provider of the upcoming dockless bike pilot in Richmond.

Cyclists will be able to rent the bikes for 50p per half hour, with a maximum daily cap of £5.

Due to recent advancements, the schemes no longer require docking stations as the technology can be directly built into the bikes.

The bikes can be located using an app and rely on a wheel lock which is opened with a code.

When finished, cyclists can relock the bikes and leave them in any area the pilot is in operation.

The bikes will being appearing “shortly” and be phased in over a number of months, starting with about 200 bikes- the amount will grow depending on demand.

According to the council Ofo “will be required to redistribute the bikes as necessary and to manage the bikes in a way that does not create an obstruction to other road users, particularly pedestrians”.

Joseph Seal-Driver, ofo’s UK general manager, said: “We’re excited about bringing our bikes to Richmond and helping to increase cycling rates and tackle the pollution and congestion problems facing the capital. 

“We’re particularly pleased to be expanding in south London after our recent launch in Southwark. These bikes will give residents a new clean, affordable and practical option to travel around the borough. 

“We’ll be working closely with the council in the coming months to ensure the service integrates seamlessly with existing transport infrastructure and is accessible to all parts of the borough.”

Councillor Peter Buckwell, cabinet member for highways and street scene, said: “Whilst the benefit of this scheme is that the bikes can be parked anywhere we anticipate early trials to focus on the hubs around Richmond and Twickenham Stations which generate most traffic.

“Further locations will be identified for the deployment and distribution of bikes based on demand.”

Cllr Jean Loveland, Richmond Council’s Cycling Champion said: “Cycling is good for the environment, good for the health of our residents and we want make it easier for more people to cycle to, from and within our borough.

“This is a great initiative and I hope people take advantage of it.”

The trial start date has not yet been confirmed.