A man is furious that his community is losing its one and only Natwest bank.

Peter Hughes discovered that the South Norwood bank would be shutting next month when he noticed a sign announcing the closure when he was inside the store this week.

Having lived in the area for 30 years, Mr Hughes thinks this is a bigger issue than just a bank leaving town.

"The point I'm trying to make is our High Street is becoming a shambles," he said.

"No banks, just barber shops, chicken shops and a few pubs.

"Our High Street needs life put back into it.

"I love the area I've grown up in and as a community we need to want people to come here."

The bank will officially shut up shop on May 22, with a growing movement towards banking online cited as the main reason for the decision.

A fact sheet put out by Natwest talked about how it is seeing a decrease in the amount of people using physical stores, although no data was provided for the South Norwood store in particular.

When the bank does close, the next closest Natwest will be nearly two miles away in Lower Addiscombe Road.