A residential special school in Worcester Park has achieved the fantastic result of Ofsted ‘Outstanding’.

Linden Bridge School, in Grafton Road, teaches young people with autism and/or other communication issues aged between four and 19.

It got the top rating because pupils “enjoy exceptionally positive experiences” and “receive high-quality support from caring, attentive and qualified staff”, according to the report published in March.

As an example of the good work made changing pupils’ lives, the report said: “One young person used to be a persistent school refuser.

“This school has had a transformative effect on his life. He has made excellent progress in his learning and other aspects of his life.

“He is now showing higher functioning skills and is preparing to move to another school that is more suited to his capabilities.”

Several parents also told the inspector that the school helped their children develop “beyond their expectations”, for instance one said their child has a friend for the first time in their life.

All children interviewed told the inspector they loved staying at the school.

Students aged 10 to 19 years board in flats on the first floor of an annex to the main school building.

It’s a small school - the maximum residential capacity is 16 places at a time.

The Ofsted report was published on March 12.