Offers to use the Charles Cryer Theatre are currently open for consideration by Sutton Council.

The venue, in Carshalton High Street, has been closed since the Sutton Theatres Trust collapsed into administration in August 2016 after taking it over the previous year.

An offer by SAVVY Theatre Company last September was rejected but now bids made to Sutton Asset Management are being considered until sometime next month.

A description of the lease terms on the council’s website reads: “A term of up to 25 years is envisaged for an overriding lease but a shorter, more flexible, term of five to 15 years would be considered for the individual parts.

“The council is developing proposals for internal alterations which would improve flexibility of the layout.

“Depending on offers and expressions of interest received, the council may carry out these works in the future.”

Each party involved is expected to be responsible for their own legal and surveyor costs, while the planning description is considered suitable for Class D2 use – for example, cinemas, music and concert halls, or gymnasiums.

The workshop building could be used as a workshop, studio, or B1 business use – such as an office or premises for research development – subject to planning consent.

Since its closure the venue has been the subject of campaigns to reopen it, including a ‘Save The Charles Cryer Theatre’ Facebook page launched in around August 2014, alongside the Secombe Theatre.

Sheree Vickers, the SAVVY Theatre Company’s artistic director released a video online after the council’s decision in September. She said: “We have been working our socks off to reopen the Cryer for everyone.

“We didn’t get it. I’m sorry. I’ve just had the letter through.

“The stickler is the issue of commercial rent which we were not able to provide. We could cover costs and we had a very robust business plan but the issue came down to rent from what I understand.

“I’ve been over the moon with support so thank you and I’m sorry I couldn’t get the Cryer for you. If you want to keep the fight going then do, but I don’t think I’ve got it in me for Sutton anymore.”

The closing date for offers is on May 11.