An appeal to track down the owner of a lost drone has been launched after it was discovered outside a home in Sutton this week.

Lesley Douglas, 56, found it on a patch of grass at around 7pm in Benhilton Gardens on April 10.

It is said to have a camera and looks 'brand new'.

Mrs Douglas said: “My son had come to visit last night, and as he was leaving, he just saw the drone on the grass.

“I’ve turned it on, we’ve had a look on the memory card, and there’s nothing on there to tell us who it could belong to.

"He picked it up and I said I’ll put it on Facebook and see if anyone comes back to me, but they haven’t yet.

“I just feel like someone has probably bought this and, when you look at this particular drone, it’s probably cost about £100 on Amazon, so they’ll be wanting it back I’d imagine.”

Are you the owner of this drone? Get in touch: