A Cancer Research UK store in Sutton High Street has reopened - nearly a year after it was closed due to flooding.

The refurbished store has welcomed back both new and previous customers following the reopening day on April 9.

Store manager Mandy Hicks said: “Lots of customers have already been in and said that they’re so pleased that it has reopened and they’ve waited for ages.

“They are really happy to see it back again.”

Older customers have also been leaving their remarks in the comments book, and Mandy said she previously worked for The Sunnybank Trust in Epsom's Temple Road which is a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities.

She added: “I love working for charities. It’s motivating, so you’ve got a really positive end result in what you’re doing.

“It’s interesting because you’re relying on donations so you never know what’s in each bag and it keeps it interesting. It’s good.”