Croydon Council has been slammed over its high-priced staff after new figures revealed 20 employees earned at least £100,000 in a year.

In its annual 'town hall rich list', the TaxPayers' Alliance revealed that Croydon Council employed the tenth most amount of people who earned at least £100,000 during the 2016/17 financial year out of all local authorities in England.

Among the 20 members of staff listed were chief executive Jo Negrini, who earned £185,000, executive director of people Barbara Peacock, who collected between £165-169,999 and executive director of resources and section 151 officer Richard Simpson, who brought home between £150-154,999.

Campaign manager at the TaxPayers' Alliance and Croydon resident James Price was outraged at some of the figures.

"Services in Croydon are being cut and mismanaged, whilst the council spends millions on massively bloated salaries for its top brass," he said.

"Council tax payers in Croydon will rightly resent seeing the tax go up every year, to then see what some of that increase is being spent on.

"These sky-high remuneration packages are bleeding residents dry, and what do Croydon residents get for this outlay?

"Hundreds of thousands on a 'fairness commission' and tens of thousands spent moving boulders around the borough. It is up to residents to decide whether this is an acceptable use of their money."

Although the names of the 17 other people on the list weren't released, it was revealed that a further two employees earned more than £150,000, with another having collected £147,500.

A council spokeswoman said there was a very good reason why some employees earned so much.

“Croydon is one of the biggest boroughs in London and senior council staff are responsible for the management of multi-million pound budgets and a large workforce delivering essential local services," she said.

"It is important the right people, with the right experience and expertise, are appointed and retained.”