Two students have set off on an adventure across Europe, using only Red Bull energy drinks as currency.

Zoe Olsen, from Ashtead, and Morgan Saville, from Epsom, were chosen out of 3,000 applications for the Red Bull Can You Make It? challenge, through a global voting process and then a panel of judges.

Yesterday, April 11, the team completed their first checkpoint challenge, whizzing down a snowy slope in Oslo on a sledge.

On Tuesday, Zoe managed to exchange a can of Red Bull for hair treatment at a spa.

The team said: “We're really enjoying our time in sunny Stockholm and just enjoyed a ride in a Maseratti!”

Starting in Stockholm, they have just seven days to get to Amsterdam.

It is not only an adventure but a competition, and people back home can cheer them on and hope them gain points.

There are three ways to earn points throughout the week:

1. Reaching Checkpoints around Europe

2. Completing Adventure Challenges

3. Social Media Presence

Winners get an adventure with Destination Red Bull, which offers 'extraordinary trips' with 'exclusive access to prominent figures'.

Team ‘Toon Army’ are currently in 37th place, they are picking up the pace and hoping to reach Gothenburg.

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