Blue Badge holders will be forced to pay for parking at Croydon University Hospital if disabled bays are full.

The news follows "some confusion" surrounding the parking charges at the hospital after people were supposedly informed that Blue Badge holders would have to pay to park in disabled bays.

A statement on the the hospital's website said this was never the case.

"There are no car parking charges for Blue Badge holders who park in the disabled bays at our hospitals," the statement said.

"However, if disabled spaces are in use, please be aware that hourly parking charges will apply for Blue Badge holders who park in other car spaces on site.

"We try to be as accommodating as possible with several car parks for patients and visitors, and others set aside for staff.

"We also offer concessions for patients, including those with long-term conditions, who require regular hospital visits."

At the moment there are 15 disabled parking spaces at the hospital, but that will soon change.

Later this month the number of spaces is set to increase to 19, and once the new emergency department opens, that number is expected to rise to 21.

"Car parking at hospital is always a challenging issue," the statement said.

"Our services are very busy and paying for parking is unfortunately a way of helping managing demand so that more people have the option to park.

Any income generated is reinvested back into our care to further improve our services."