Croydon youngsters met a senior judge and court advocates to discuss knife crime and the criminal justice system yesterday.

The group took part in a court exposure day where they asked questions about crime and punishment in an afternoon of discussion at Croydon Crown Court, on April 4.

They asked questions about the role of jurors, whether judges actually use the term ‘order, order’, the length of custodial sentences and whether court staff felt any remorse when sending defendants with difficult backgrounds to jail.

Erica Brook, Croydon Crown Court manager, said: “You could tell by the questions the children were asking that they were really engaged.

"It was also useful for them to see a real courtroom from the inside and it was great that the advocates and judge were able to host the session inside a courtroom.

“The judge also commented that they were a really lively bunch and that she’d love to do more with the community.”

The event, organised by the Crown Prosecution Service in conjunction with Croydon-based youth organisation, Music Relief Foundation, aimed to engage young people with the law.

Sophie Bimson, inclusion and community engagement manager for London South, said: “Engaging with local communities is a priority for us and this was a fantastic opportunity, in line with our social mobility agenda, to work with young people in London to showcase who we are and what we do.”

The group also sat in the public gallery and watch a courtroom in session.