A 21-year-old Carshalton filmmaker is set to have his debut motion picture premiere at a festival in Hollywood this weekend.

Jack Spring, from The Wrythe, will see his new feature film, 'Destinaton: Dewsbury' shown at the 18th Beverly Hills Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, on April 7.

The former Greenshaw High School pupil raised the investment for it, co-produced the project with Kate Dow, with it having been in post-production after location filming finished in October 2016.

Dad John Spring, 55, said: “We’re very proud of Jack, it takes a lot of effort to not only make a film but to raise funding and persuade others to get involved.

You never know maybe one day he’ll be bringing a different award back from Hollywood.

“We’ll keep a space for it on the mantelpiece!”

'Destination: Dewsbury' is a black comedy motion picture about four middle-aged school friends who travel to Dewsbury, in Yorkshire, to visit a dying friend for one last time.

According to the synopsis on the Beverly Hills Film Festival website, it 'mixes "The Inbetweeners'" schoolboy banter with a dollop of fast-paced storytelling and heart-wrenching truths'.

The film, alongside more than 30 others, will be shown at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Boulevard.

At just 16, Jack won an award at the The Co-Operative Film Festival, held in partnership with Bradford's National Media Museum, for his short film, 'Doors Opening'.

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