A bi-monthly Sunday brunch club for elderly people in Sutton has been launched in a bid to tackle isolation and loneliness.

The Sutton Seniors’ Forum received an £800 donation from the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation (YBS) as a way of setting up the initiative.

Volunteers will arrange the transport and then organise tea, coffee, and food for guests who may otherwise be unable to attend.

Mary Steensma, events officer at the Sutton Seniors’ Forum, said: “We set up the brunch club after speaking to our older members, who are unable to attend our monthly meetings and they told us that Sunday was the loneliest day of the week.

“We know that isolation can have a very negative impact on peoples’ health so this is one of the ways we can tackle that.

“As a charity we rely on donations such as this one from YBS to keep offering the services that are so valuable to people in our community.”

The Sutton Seniors’ Forum is one of several branches located across the United Kingdom which is associated with the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation.

Hayley Drew, manager of the YBS Sutton branch, said: “I’m delighted that the charitable foundation has been able to support their new brunch club.

“Facilities like this can provide a social lifeline for older people who are unable to get out as much as they used to.”

For more information about times and dates of the Sunday brunch, you can email: marysteensma@talktalk.net.