An ‘irate’ man took matters into his own hands when he emptied a wheelie bin full of rubbish onto the floor of a Sutton Council building this week.

Surprised witnesses looked on as the unnamed resident, believed to be from the Oaks Track in Carshalton, reportedly tipped around 10 days’ worth of trash onto the reception floor in Denmark Road yesterday (March 28).

It is claimed to have followed on from him calling on his refuse to be collected but "with no joy", according to witness Dean Sturton.

The parcel courier, 46, from Windsor Avenue, said: “I had a parcel to deliver to the offices there. As you walk in there is a desk on your left, and as I’m standing for someone to sign for this parcel this fella has walked in and put down a couple white bags of rubbish. Then he has gone out again and then he has come in with more!

“The great one was [when] he actually then proceeded to wheel a green wheelie bin [inside the reception]. It was full of wine bottles, obviously it’s for the glass and the cans, and basically he had just tipped it upside down and it was all over the floor.

“I think, from what I gather, they have had the best part of what I think it was a fortnight – 10 days to a fortnight – of no collections.

“I was only there for a minute. When I left, the guy was pretty angry.”

A Sutton Council spokesman has confirmed the resident had visited the Environment, Housing and Regeneration building in Denmark Road yesterday afternoon, understood to be around 3pm.

It is said the authority’s contractor, Veolia, has been "experiencing difficulties" emptying bins because of very narrow access on Telegraph Track, Oaks Track, Upper Pillory Down and Lower Pillory Down.

Because of this, it is "proving to be a risk" to the vehicle and crew, as well as other users of the tracks.

He said: “Veolia have this week written to all residents thanking them for their patience and advising them of changes to the collection service which will resolve the problems.”

Mr Sturton said the fuming resident turned up in a pickup truck and "whatever rubbish was on the back of it ended up in their reception", before he "stepped over it, around it, and smiled, and off I went".

He added: “I think he had spoken to someone in an office, and he had spoken to someone in a call centre, and he had put in a call in – from what I gather – pretty much every day. Every time, from what I can gather, he was being told that, ‘Yeah, yeah, it will be done, it will be done’.

"I suppose he got a bit to the end of his tether and he sort of decided a more direct action was required.”