Have aliens chosen to descend on Shirley?

Well possibly if a Canadian UFO expert's website is to be believed.

Brian Vike, who bills himself as an independent UFO researcher, has posted details of a possible paranormal sighting over a Shirley garden centre.

According to his website hbccufo.org, a witness spotted an oval shape in the sky above Shirley Road last Sunday at around midday.

The unknown witness said: "I was standing with our trolley whilst my girlfriend was looking at plants in the outdoor part of the garden centre. I was looking west and noticed a round white object travelling north. At first I thought it was a plane or helicopter, however, the more I looked at it, the more I realised that there were no wings or any features. It was just a plain white oval object. The speed at which it was travelling told me that it wasn't a balloon either."

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