When Ashley Cooke and Kristian Matthews first met eight years ago, they had no idea that one day they would be setting the world alight with their "vegan friendly" candles.

But three years after the Coulsdon duo launched their company, they found themselves living off the back of their soy candles.

"It was just something we stared as a hobby," Mr Cooke said.

"We weren’t happy with what we could buy so we thought why not try and make our own?"

So Cozy Glow was born.

At first they were selling one or two candles a day. Eventually that skyrocketed to 50 a week.

"We never thought it would get this much attention," Mr Cooke said.

"It isn't that we are a vegan candle company either.

"We just didn't want any negative health benefits to come from our candles."

It isn't just the "ethical" nature of the company that has seen it soar.

They think the effort that goes into finding the perfect scent is just as important.

"It is never a specific one that every person likes," Mr Cooke said.

"We offer over 50 scents now, because everyone has their favourite."

Those range from watermelon to baby powder to coffee bean.

It isn't just on Amazon Handmade that they ply their craft.

They have a shop in Coulsdon and are hoping to have one open in the Whitgift Centre just in time for Christmas.

"It's nice to have a physical store because you can talk to people about the product," Mr Cooke said.

"Online keeps us in business, but a lot of people prefer to shop in store.

"We have been so encouraged from the customer feedback and hopefully this is only the start for us."