It has been more than a decade since the Blue Orchid played its final song, but now life could be injected into the run down site once again.

A planning application was submitted to Croydon Council which would turn the former nightclub into a shop and two homes.

In a planning statement sent by GL Hearn on behalf of R&F Properties QS, it says the aim would be to bring the appearance of the 22-24 Park Lane building in line with the surrounding area.

"This application proposes the change of use of the former nightclub, which has been vacant for in excess of 10 years, to a commercial retail unit on the ground floor and 2 one-bedroom flats, together with a residential communal amenity area on the first floor," the statement said.

"The application has been the subject of pre-application discussions with the council, with the principle of the proposals, to bring the former Blue Orchid site within the appearance and similar use to the larger conversion project of St George’s House, fully supported.

"The intention of the proposal is to seek to amalgamate the two sites of St George’s House and the Blue Orchid nightclub to create the appearance of a single building."

A partial demolition would be on the cards if approval is granted, although the company in charge of te proposal said there just wasn't enough space to accommodate more than two homes.

"It is considered that the application property is simply not suited to providing any greater number of residential units and only two one-bedroom units can be accommodated," the application said.

"This is due to the fact that due to surrounding buildings; there can be no windows on the west elevation of the ground and first floors.

"The area is therefore only suitable to be used as part of the residential communal amenity area within St George’s House.

"This space will be for residents of this development will not be for commercial use."

This isn't the first time someone has tried to bring the site back to life.

Since 2005, separate applications have been submitted to turn the building into an office and gym.

Although permission was granted on both occasions, neither idea was brought to fruition.