Police are on the lookout after two women were robbed at knifepoint in separate incidents.

The robberies took place in Danbury Avenue and Dover Park Drive and in both cases saw lone females, either waiting for the bus (Danebury) or just getting off the bus (Dover Park), targeted.

In both cases police say it was a lone male attacker who was after mobile phones.

Both times the attacker was described as either softly spoken or spoke in a very calm manner "so as not to arouse suspicion to passers by."

Police say these weren't the only attacks to hit the Roehampton and Putney Heath areas in the last week.

On March 3 in Arabella Drive a man and his dog were out for a walk when he was approached by a "group of youths," again demanding his phone.

This time the victim came away unhurt and without losing his property.

Two days later in Telegraph Road a woman, once again on her own, was sat in her car after leaving the pub.

She was approached by three men, one of which held up a weapon and demanded her phone.

The victim told them to "go away and leave me alone" and managed to drive away.

Police have now advised people to "keep your belongings out of sight and be aware of your surroundings."