Epsom and Ewell FC, fondly known as ‘the Salts’, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this March and is keen to move “back to borough” with a new home ground.

Richard Lambert, the club’s media officer, has been a supporter since his school days. He remembers attending his first game as a teenager, when Epsom took on Hastings United in the FA Cup on October 17, 1981.

Epsom lost but he still “quite enjoyed the experience” and was paid for his loyalty at the next match when he witnessed his new team triumph 6-0.

He said: “The Premier League gets an enormous amount of coverage but there is plenty coverage here if you find the right place. It’s all about reminding people in the borough that we are here.”

The club is currently based in High Road in Chipstead, following the sale of the Epsom ground in West Street in 1993.

Mr Lambert said: “Clearly finance was an issue, it was impossible to remain at that level. We had a couple of relegations, and then we sold. We have survived off that money since then.

“The time and money is running out for us, we’ve just put a presentation to some councillors which seemed to be well received. We need a new ground in the next two years at the latest.

“We are rock-bottom right now, but we have been one of the stronger teams in the league over the last 10 years – it’s been a bit of a shock for us.”

The club is currently bottom of the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League.

In the 2013/14 season the Salts led the league with eight straight wins and got third place in the Combined Counties cup league.

It’s hoped that new manager Neil Grant, who was formerly coach, and an influx of new players will turn the club’s fortunes around again, and they will be set for a second centenary of success.

Mr Lambert added: “We are still fighting to get back to the top.

“Our manager brought quite a few new players he coached at Leatherhead Academy. It’s their first time of playing in the premier division, most of them have come out of the under 21s.”

Epsom and Ewell FC will be testing its new blood at home against Camberley Town, currently fifth in the league, this Saturday, March 10.