The Twickenham Riverside development is due to be decided on at a planning meeting today (March 7).

The application includes proposals to demolish all existing structures on the site, which includes a former swimming pool and the buildings at the corner of Water Lane and The Embankment, along with the river-facing piece of land in front of Diamond Jubilee Gardens and build 39 residential apartments, commercial and retail space, seasonal units and car parking.

The plans, which the council has been consulting on for two years, include two three to four storey buildings.

The application has 317 objections, compared to 97 comments of support- however some objects have been submitted under support documents.

Twenty three parking spaces along the river are also proposed, which many residents are opposed to.

Community group Twickenham Riverside Park Team launched a petition, which at the time of writing had 2,521 signatures, calling for parking to be moved from the Embankment and proposed an underground car park be built under the site.

The council acknowledged it was “clear parking on the Embankment was an important issue” for people.

In the consultation report it stated: “We are exploring existing parking arrangements in the wider area.

“Parking is being considered separately to the planning application.”

As well as the parking, many of the objections are concerned with the development being out of character with the surrounding area, with some saying it “grossly over-develops” the site.

Others are concerned the development will be “very expensive with a large portion of the cost being assumed by the public”- nearly £7 million.

Residents have also shown support for the scheme, commending the council for “listening and adapting the original plan”.

Since the original plans were put to consultation, the council has doubled the open space proposed.

Others say the development “respects the parking arrangements on the Embankment”, which is “essential to the finances” of businesses on Eel Pie Island.

The Eel Pie Island Association feels the scale of the development should be reduced but is strongly opposed to the alternative proposal, a riverside park, which they say is “mostly proposed by people who live outside the Riverside ward”.

They also feel the council should address needs for parking, schools, health and social care in the area.

Along with Twickenham Riverside Park Team, the Richmond Cycling Campaign, Riversmead Residents Association and River Thames Visitor Centre have all objected to the scheme.

Planning officers for Richmond Council have recommended approval for the development, subject to conditions.

The development must have begun within three years after permission is granted and the use of the scheme must follow its current proposals.

Concerns were also raised by officers about the loss of trees proposed.

In their report it states: “The landscape plan is overly burdensome in its maintenance requirements.

“Planting in pots is not sustainable in the long term.”

Noise pollution was also raised as an issue, and officers said steps must be made to ensure sufficient insulation is in place if the build goes ahead.

The planning meeting will be held at Clarendon Hall, York House, today at 7pm.