The Glamorgan Pub has received not one, but two lifelines this week.

A months-long battle by community group 'Save the Glamorgan' to get the Addiscombe pub listed as an asset of community value (ACV) came to a head this week when Croydon Council revealed the decision.

"The nomination satisfies the requirements of a community nomination and that sufficient evidence has been provided to show that the Glamorgan pub, currently (or in recent past), has furthered the social wellbeing or interests of the local community," the council decision notice read.

But it was a decision earlier in the week that may just have the biggest impact yet.

As part of council's Local Plan, which was signed off on Tuesday, greater protection will now be given to all pubs in Croydon, especially those with an ACV.

"Public houses play an important role at the heart of many local communities," the report said.

"In many cases they have historically provided social hubs and make a positive contribution to townscape and local identity.

"The council will resist the loss of these facilities unless it can be demonstrated that it is no longer required in its current use."

This was welcome news for Addiscombe Councillor Sean Fitzsimons, who has supported the efforts by communtiy group throughout the ptocess.

He believes everything must be done to keep the building which has stood for more than 100 years, as a pub.

"It’s a sign of the hard work done by the local community to set up a group to get the ACV approved," he said.

"What really makes the difference is the Local Plan.

"All of this means the developer can’t knock the building down without planning permission and they will have put the pub on the open market for people wanting to keep it as a pub."

At a previous meeting between those fighting to keep the pub in tact and the developer, the idea was proposed to turn the building in Cherry Orchard Road into a mix of homes and a bar on the bottom floor.

Mr Fitzsimons said it just wasn't the right idea by the developer.

"We don’t think it’s viable solution," he said.

"It will cause more problems than benefits.

"So effectively with the we have thrown the gauntlet down to the developer.

"We would like to see them market that pub on the open market because we are aware there are other groups that want to run it as a pub."