We know the snow can look very pretty and make us want a hot chocolate by the fire but what if we have no choice but to trek into work?

There is a yellow weather warning for snow over the next few days, but what if it stops you getting to work. 

Here are the rules on weather and work.

Can my boss deduct my pay if I can’t get in because of the snow?

Unfortunately, your employer can dock your pay for not coming in on a day like today. But this does not mean that you should not try and come to an arrangement with you boss.

According to the employment advice and conciliation service (ACAS) you should see if you can work from home or take it as a day of holiday.

On Gov.uk under Travel disruption and work, it says that some contracts and workplace policies may have special arrangements covering this kind of situation. This might include pay arrangements.

Some employers might also make discretionary, informal arrangements.

My boss has closed the office because of the weather. Will I still lose money?

You should be entitled to your normal pay if:

If your employer fully or partly closes their business

If your employer reduces your hours

If other essential staff such as line managers are unable to get into work

If staff who provide access to the building are unable to get into work.

My friend is entitled to full pay even though she is not at work. Why is my business different?

Different employers treat snow days or travel delays differently. It is then up to the discretion of the employer to deal with pay and days off.

Whatever you employer's attitude, you should keep in contact with them to discuss flexible and fair opportunities should the issue arise of a snow day.

How can my employer make it easier for me on a day like today when it is difficult to get to work?

Your employer should allow workers to come in a little later than usual.

Use flexible working to let workers make up for lost time.

Allow workers to swap shifts or work overtime.

Let staff work from home for a temporary time.

Agree on paid annual leave.

My child’s school has been closed and I have to take time off to look after them, what happens at work?

In a situation when someone is dependent on you to look after them, anyone with employee status has the right to take unpaid time off.

Situations could include:

School is closed and a worker cannot leave their child

Caring arrangements for a disabled relative are cancelled

A partner is seriously injured as a result of bad weather.

This time is unpaid unless a contract or policy says otherwise. An employer and employee could agree that this time off be taken as annual leave so the employee does not miss out on pay.

I made it to work but it is too cold to work. What can my employer do?

Relax their dress code to enable staff to wear warmer clothing

Allow extra breaks to make hot drinks

Bring in extra heating options such as portable heaters.

If the cold becomes a risk to someone’s health and becomes unavoidable then some workers will be sent home usually on full pay.

If you have trouble getting into work because of the weather or travel being disrupted by weather, talk to your employer. Come up with an arrangement that works out for everyone and get back to work as soon as you can.

See ACAS and Gov.uk for more information.