A school in Selhurst is taking safety precautions to a colourful new level.

Crescent Primary School recently made the decision to paint over its pedestrian crossing as part of the ‘Safe Steps for Schools’ initiative to encourage children and parents to use road crossings provided during school pick-up and drop-off times.

So with the help of road surfacing contractor THB, a nighttime paint job got underway.

It was fair to say the kids were delighted when they saw the surprise change the next morning.

"It makes us more aware of how dangerous crossing a road can be and how we can cross safely," one pupil said.

"It grabs our attention and makes us want to come to school."

Along with the colourful crossing, thermoplastic footsteps have been placed on the pavement to add that little of bit of help when guiding kids to the front gate.

Head teacher Jacquie Fairhurst is hoping the new crossing will help keep kids safe when walking to and from school.

"The school are delighted to have been chosen as the first school to have this exciting new crossing," she said.

Crescent Primary is the first school in the country to have the safe steps for school road crossing installed, something Councillor Stuart King welcomed with open arms.

“The Safe Steps for School footprints design will be a fantastic tool to promote and educate children on crossing the road safely," he said.

"I’m delighted Croydon is the first place to trial this new programme and hope the eye-catching design encourages both parents and children to cross at a safe place, reducing the risk of road accidents.”