A New Addington car fire late last week has sparked fear into some members of the community.

London Fire Brigade were called at 11.30pm on February 8 and two fire engines were promptly sent to Comport Green to deal with the car that had gone alight.

Residents nearby said the ordeal had left them questioning whether they still want to live in the area.

"My son was crying and didn't go to bed until 3am," one woman who wished to remain nameless said.

"I just said it's ok baby, mummy is here, the bad people have gone but I'm just so pissed off.

"My son doesn't want to live here any more.

"Thanks to whoever started the fire he went to school tired and tearful."


Although the fire was put out with no damage done to any of the surrounding properties, the mother says people around the area are fed up.

"Everyone is so annoyed around here," she said.

"It if it wasn't for my next door neighbour calling us out we still would have been in the house as it happened right behind my fence.

"When it blew up my windows were shaking. It scared us all."