A vegan campaign group took to the streets of Croydon last week to pose the question, "dare you watch?"

Watch what exactly?

Hid behind a curtain, a film that allegedly reveals the reality of animal slaughter was running whilst volunteers asked members of the public if they dared to see what had been filmed behind the closed doors of the slaughterhouse.

Animal Aid has been secretly filming abattoirs throughout England. The hidden cameras allegedly picked up a range of horrendous treatment, including pigs having cigarettes stubbed out on their faces, animals having their throats hacked at whilst fully conscious, animals being thrown, animals being stamped on, and more.

Animal Aid campaign manager Tor Bailey said the groups aim is to expose the realities of slaughterhouses.

"Time and again, Animal Aid has exposed the reality of the slaughter industry in England and uncovered widespread bad practice, abusive behaviour and law breaking across the range," he said.

"From Organic and RSPCA Assured, to conventional and non-stun, all slaughter is problematic.

"Quite simply, there is nothing 'humane' about slaughter. There is no kind way to kill someone who doesn't want to die. Animals do not give their lives - they are taken.

"The kindest thing that anyone can do who feel concern for animals is to adopt a vegan lifestyle."