Sylvia Marshall has been dubbed the "golden girl" of trading, and she has proved yet again that age is no barrier when it comes to the fast paced industry.

The Cheam woman was recently named AxiTrader's female trader of the year, not bad for someone who started out working from her own living room.

Adopting the same tried and tested approach she applies to her own trading, Ms Marshall took advantage of the hot trends of the year, primarily stock indices, commodities and FX to grow her AxiTrader competition account by a staggering 105.41 per cent with only a 2.63 per cent drawdown to win the title.

"I entered the AxiTrader Trading Competition to challenge myself against other traders," Ms Marshal said.

"I simply stuck to my trading plan; 2017 was a great year for trend trading and my approach paid off.

"I am so delighted to have been awarded this accolade, it's an honour to represent female traders all over the world."

Interested in getting into trading herself, the 59-year-old went on one of the many trading courses advertised to gain greater understanding.

From the start of the course, she was unimpressed and felt the training offered was below par to say the least.

She was also shocked to meet other women similar to herself in age who had paid tens of thousands of pounds, often their life savings or equity from their homes, to attend the course yet had lost the course fee and many thousands more from failed trading.

Incensed by the exploitative nature which she felt these trading training courses had, especially to often vulnerable older women, she took it upon herself to help those interested to learn from her how to trade successfully - all free of charge.

So in 2013 she decided to start the Zero To A Million Club,

Now members of the group meet monthly to discuss everything from such as foreign exchange to stock indices and commodities.