A flytipper has sparked fury by repeatedly dumping dozens of PIZZA BASES at a pond beauty spot.

The culprit has been caught flytipping dough bases around a pond at Bradmore Green in Coulsdon.

Furious residents fear it could cause a rat infestation at the family hotspot - or harm the ducks and other wildlife around the pond.

One incident saw nearly 30 bases strewn around the bank of the pond.

Now vigilantes are using a local Facebook group to track the culprit - with one even sharing a photo of a man he 'caught' at the scene.

Graham Page said: "Caught him tonight 03/02/2018 at around 22:50ish as driving home I got out the car and confronted him about it he was calm when I said about it but when I tried to take a photo of his car he got very aggressive with me.

"Lucky my wife got better pics then I did."

Another resident, Abel Bello added: "I did stop by a few moments after Graham did and saw what happened.

"He claimed he was only doing it for the benefit of the ducks and that the police had given him the 'go ahead' when they confronted him once.

"We did point out to him that pizza bases was bad for the ducks at which point, he offered to pick them all up.

"He didn't get all of them as some had gone far away from the bank and I had my kids in the car so had to drive off.

"Think he also felt guilty as I pointed out that the community had just spent most of today cleaning out the pond."

The man has claimed the bases are there to feed wildlife but the RSPCA warns it could cause serious harm to birds and other animals.

The charity said feeding waterbirds bread is 'not good for them' - and can even prevent young birds growing properly.

In advice posted online, it said: "You can feed them small amounts (and I mean small) of brown bread if that’s all you’ve got, but please, definitely no white bread.

"In fact, if young birds eat white bread, they can grow up with a deformity called angel wing and won’t be able to fly. So let’s wave bye-bye to white bread."

Instead people should feed them finely chopped lettuce, spinach, cabbage, spring greens or even porridge oats, the charity said.

Gill Hickson, the vice chair of the East Coulsdon Residents' Association, said: "I would have thought foxes would eat them so better dropping them in a pile in the woods.

"That quantity is fly tipping though so it shouldn’t be done. Well done catching him and hopefully deter him doing it again."