A Caterham mother who fears for hers son's safety wants something done about the "dangerous" parking situation on the road outside her house.

Sarah Bodkin lives in Farninghman Road with her three young children, one of whom is autistic, and says most days she is unable to park anywhere near her house.

"My middle son is 10 years old, autistic and he has no concept of danger when it comes to roads," she said.

"With my son's autism he toe walks which makes walking very difficult for him.

"I can't really drop him at the house by himself while I drive around trying to find somewhere to park, most days I can drive up and down the road five or six times."

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While she accepts that people going to work need somewhere to park, she is fed up with the lack of "consideration for residents."

"I do understand that people who pay for their train tickets at a huge price do not then want to pay for parking, but sometimes they will park their car in a space where you could fit two cars," she said.

"People fly down the road, also making it dangerous for residents as parking is limited.

"Residents and others that park here park on the curbs, so you have to walk in the road, some days you are taking your life into your own hands."

She said if the parking situation is not fixed, someone could soon be seriously injured.

"My car has been damaged due to a van flying down and then had to slow as a car was on the other side, causing him to scuff the back of my car," she said.

"I know for a fact that another resident has had her car damaged as well in the same manner."

This isn't the only instance of parking problems causing issues in the road.

Late last month a photo was taken (above) that showed two cars parked so closely together that a fire engine "wouldn't squeeze through."

"Monday to Friday it is hectic down here but weekends the road is clear, which shows you how many cars are parking here that do not live here," Ms Bodkin said.

"Most weeks the dust bin men can't get down the road so a fire engine or ambulance wouldn't.

"This is only the tip of the iceberg as several roads in Whyteleafe are just as bad as all the commuters park down Church Road and won't use the station car park, making it difficult for parents on the school run."

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