Gloria Hunniford and police commissioner Cressida Dick are joining forces to fight fraudsters at a free event in Twickenham next month.

The commissioner and TV presenter will give talks at the crime prevention event at Twickenham Stadium, hosted by Richmond police and including advice on all things fraud.

Fraudsters scammed people in Richmond out of more than £100,000 between March and August last year, prompting a campaign to combat the problem between the police and council.

Presentations at the event will include information on courier scams and ATM security, as well as information on guarding against common fraud and cyber scams.

Councillor Mark Boyle, cabinet member for community safety, who pointed out fraud is “on the rise”, said it was a “great opportunity” for people to learn how to protect themselves from “unscrupulous” criminals.

Sergeant Les Jackson, from Richmond Police, said: “The aim of the Metropolitan Police Service is to protect society from becoming victims of crime.

“Our aim at Richmond is to work in partnership with local business to highlight the problems all residents face with that despicable crime, scamming.

“The elderly, although not confined solely to the elderly, are being targeted.

“This event will bring experts from many fields to explain the dangers that face all.”

The event will take place on Saturday, March 10, from 10am to 2pm, and there is no need to book.