Some very lucky pupils got to meet a CBeebies star when he dropped in for assembly at Banstead Prep School.

The school was chosen for the visit, on January 25, after getting involved with Andy Day’s nationwide Odd Socks campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Anti-bullying Alliance.

To win this special visit, children and staff all wore odd socks to school and learnt the Odd Socks Band song ‘Unique’, released by Universal Records.

The corridor was (and still is) decorated with odd socks designed by the children proudly stating how they are unique.

Below is what pupils had to say about the experience:

Gino, Year 5, said: “It makes people feel they can be themselves.”

Lottie, Year 6, said: “The odd socks is a great way of presenting the idea. It tells people that bullying isn’t right and if you are being bullied it’s good to know that being unique is a good thing.” 

Thomas, Year 6, said: “It’s a great idea to wear odd socks for the day.” 

Rhian, Year 6, said: “It’s fun and makes you remember it.” 

Benji, Year 4, said: “If we were all the same it would be a boring world, we’d all think the same things.” 

Miss Vicky Ellis, headteacher at Banstead Prep School, said: “We have embraced ‘Odd Socks’ because it’s a great way of illustrating to the children our own ethos of celebrating diversity and allowing everyone the freedom to be themselves and express their individuality.

“Raising awareness of bullying is important because no school can say that bullying will never exist but if we can create an environment where children feel able to speak up if it happens to them or their friends then we can deal with the situation quickly.”